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Olihya sing for childs

Be careful, these songs are compressed in 192 Kbit/s, so in good quality but the download is long.

Sucré sucré (Sweet Sweet)
Khululéka (Zoulou : Joy and Liberty) (percussion:Arno Forest )
A la volette (The Taking Flight)
Berceuse Iroquoise (Iroquois Lullaby) (with the voices of Sandrine Marchesi , Marlène Grizot , Rafie Sghiar et Tristan Braconnier )
Petite Bulle (Small bubble) (voices: Lisa,Mathilde et Sandrine Marchesi )
La Parole de Big Bill Neidji ( The Words of Big Bill Neidji (Aborigene))
Famille grenouille (Family Frog) (harmonica : Lucien Dufail)
Jamais on a vu , Jamais on ne verra (Never we had see , never we will see )
Le clown (with the voices of Lisa,Mathilde Marchesi Fontaine et Joé Dureuil )
Cette Histoire est pour Tous (This story is for all of us) ( Aborigène words )
Le papillon (the Butterfly) ( Mauro Giuliani )
Les crayons de couleurs (The Colored Pencils)
Nini ya moumou ( Morocco lullaby )
Pirouette Cacahouète (pirouette peanut)
Soleil (sun)

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